Slightly annoyed

Well now that the trials for Vasilko are finally over about the status-quo of werewolves and such I feel rather annoyed and alittle offended about how I’m being charged with endangering a minor, kidnapping, and other minor charges after all teh god I have done so far. I mean I helped stop the freaking Dark Mage for crying out loud, and I get slapped with a minor lawsuit for my efforts, makes me wonder why I even bother trying at times through proper channels and such

Right, well since it seems that there is an actual following for my hackings on Ranko’s site I guess I should make a actual thing of it where I get questions and such from veiwers/bloggers on the Web and then answer them as only a ninja can.

Hacked by a NINJA

Jeeze, she thinks keeping track of a demi-god is bad. She should really try to keep track of three kids from this orphanage AND their revinant freind all at once while out trying to do some good deed’s to get the kid’s some experience at being ” super heros ” so they don’t have to run the risk of using a link to do things through that someone could go through and get them as hostages if not kill them. I’ve got alot of respect for my sister Ranko if she’s able to keep up with my demi-god nephew at a pace more suited to a daycare filled to the brim with 2 year olds

Well, finals are finally done with so maybe now I can get caught up on the begging of my producers for some footage to put on the show. Honestly I can’t wait to get back to work because trying to keep track of a 2 year old demi-god is harder than just trying to watch a normal child at that age, so maybe beating some bad guys up and turnign them over to the police will help re-set my mind once again. To all the fans, new episodes will be coming soon, just please bear with me ok


Well, apparently they didn’t learn much from the last one, though this time I slipped through a backdoor I installed on the web-site from my last incursion. For those who visit this site on a regular basis my name is Yuki Tendo, Ranko’s younger sister. I’m 17 years old, graduated college at the age of 15 thanks to how smart and studious every teacher I had said I was, and am here in America trying to clean up the messes that my sister left here in this country. The American legal system is rather long-winded and rather ponderous from what I am seeing about the werewolf trial’s and transcripts I have been reading about. I mean, the last time they had any kind of reform on these laws was back in the 1800’s for crying out loud. Don’t these people have any concept of staying current with the times with these sorts of things. I mean wth my sister being a ” catgirl ” now I suppose I should be trying to get some of these laws recended or at least modernized. I’m also wondering when Ranko got so bloody strong when she just let’s loose like she did, I mean last time she went crazy like that when we we’re sparring I was at least able to stay acouple of moves ahead of her. It was like trying to defend myself from a mountain lion that knew the moves I knew and could preform them.

I’ve finally found the web blog for my older sister, serious need in over-haul of the security system network. I mean, the firewall was a joke and the encryption was about as bad as the KGI file I found in the Kremlin. For those of you who have no idea who I am, my name is Yuki Tendo and I am 16 years old. I’m self-taught in everything but fighting, I’m the smarter fighter than my sister anyday of the week, and I’ve got a chip on my shoulder with my older sister. Always with the running around and playing ” superheroine ” for a TV audience when she should be trying to help people stay fit through teaching the martial arts, and now I hear she’s trying to cram years of college into afew months. I could probably do such a thing, but thats because I always did prefer reading over most anything else but for learning from Dad or playing hide-and-seek with Mom before she died. Ranko never was any good at hiding, always favored the bull-headed approach to any problem that couldn’t be solved with her fists it seemed. Oh well, looks like the security network is not as slow as I thought so I guess I’ll just have to crack the firewall alittle harder next time.

Well, I guess you all would like to know alittle bit more about me before the marrage and such so I guess I’ll fill you in as best I can I guess.

I was born on December 12 1982 in Tokyo University Hospital. Yuki Tento, My mom, said that it was the proudest moment of her life and Dad, Chouji Tendo, was proud to finally get an heir to his dojo and someone to pass on his teachings too to keep the family style of kempo alive and well on into the next generation. That is the one major source of alot of trouble for me growing up and such, was Dad always insisting that everything in life was a training exercise for the martial arts. Mom was alot more understanding I think in that she wanted me to grow up in a traditional manner of being a good housewife for my husband when I got married, but Dad kept insisting that my duty was to the dojo frist and foremost. Lets see here * snaps fingers * Oh yeah, I found out I had some minor telekenetic abilities on my 15th birthday when I was blowing out the candles on my cake when all my presents started to float up and then fell to the ground in a heap. Upon hearing that I was ” a mutant freak ” Dad more-or-less turned his back on me and anything I did and concentrated on teaching my younger sister Jubei to take over what he’d spent the last 15 years teaching me. Mom was way more understanding and helped me find a mentor to fully learn my new gift, but being from a relitivly modest family we couldn’t afford to send me off to a ” School for the Gifted ” so I went on a training mission away from home to develop control over my gift and abilities fully and to restore myself to my Fathers eye’s. And that’s when I came across my freinds The Brick The White Necromancer and everyone else that I can’t remember right off the top of my head. * patting a small memorial for those that fell during the War against the Machines * I guess you could say that now I’m trying to prove myself to those that have passed on, you know, let them know that I’m still doing the best that I can and all * smiling and picking up Isakura and bouncing him on knee * And I intend to raise my son better than how I was raised, just hope I do a good job of it so if he makes a video journal for people to see he won’t have anything really that bad to say about me or those I asked to help care for him while I’m off trying to make the world as safe for him so that he can choose his own path in life

Yo, Ranko here

Hello, my name is Ranko. I’m the star of the hit TV show ” The Ranko Show ” if you have any questions about how I got to be where I’m at please don’t hesitate to ask